Things I learned from doing the sketchbook project:

Sometimes you have to step out of your fear zone of people seeing your work. Chuck pointed out to me that I put my work on my blog so people are seeing it. But, it seems more out there when they can actually see it in person and for whatever reason that is disconcerting to me.

The more I do something the easier it gets. I guess that goes along the lines of practice to improve or in my case just freakin (‘scuse my french) DO something.

I didn’t really like colored pencils as a medium but they come in handy on thin paper and I actually liked some of the results. I also never thought of using them for a landscape, why not? I will probably use them more.

I never thought of doing a piece with pencil and paint but it worked, amazing. Now I’m thinking about trying something with colored pencil, pen, and paint, maybe.

I can get things done if I work really hard and don’t watch tv, that part really surprised me. I don’t think I was fully aware of how much time is spent watching tv.
I know it’s just part of the chillin after work thing but I like accomplishing something. I don’t think I will do it like I did this past week again. Basically I was just going to work then coming home to work and that was all I did for 4 days.

I have to be careful about posture while I’m working, if not, I end up with one heck of a worse than usual neck/back ache. (That last accident I was in kind of gave me a permanent neck/back ache – it’s just a matter of how bad does it hurt today.

and I really want to go back out west..

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