Create for the day: I have nothing. Still struggling with out of place. Did get to go to lunch with Chuck which was very nice. Had to go to the court house which is huge and crowded and took forever to find a place to park and did I say huge!!! They sent me to the wrong place but when I found the right place I had to wait but the lady was really nice and two of the cutest little 2 year old twins were all over the place. I needed to get a copy of a birth certificate too and would it be in the same building? No but it was 4 miles away in a not so nice area but I got it.
I don't know what happened after lunch with Chuck I was exhausted and came straight home and slept.
I will mail it first thing tomorrow Corey.
I found pictures on the computer I didn't know were there, lots of pictures. Here's a couple:

bad dog

see she knows shes not supposed to be there

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