Three, oh wait, actually 4 posts in one day. Making up for not posting yesterday!
Chuck and I went to the beach for his birthday. It was nice till people pulled up next to us with screaming loud every few words the "F" word music playing. Thankfully they shut it off. And people wonder why they get stereotyped, sheesh.

Oh, and we saw this guy in a raft get attacked by a shark
Here he is before the attack

then the shark comes up next to his raft

then he starts trying to jump over and gets in the raft with the guy, yikes!

Actually his wife said the string broke on his kite so he went out and retrieved it when they saw it floating in the water. It did attract attention because he was really far away and you couldn't tell -without my camera on zoom -what the heck was going on. It was entertaining which is what we told her when we showed her the picture.

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