Going through journals

 I've kept a journal since high school.  
When I first found out I had cancer
I didn't feel like writing but as time went
on I found it necessary to get through
the day sometimes.  
 This morning I picked up one of my journals from the year
I found out I had cancer to see what I'd written.
I can not believe it has been two years!

  I think I was, I know I was, very frustrated at the
time.  I didn't know if I would be going back to work.
I thought I would. I just didn't know when.  
decorated page sides are my first homemade stamp
I never thought I would have to retire from my job
because of this - or that it would be this soon in my life.
As of June 1, I will officially be "retired."  Wow, that
seems strange.  
Going through my journal I read this statement,
 "Step into the works He has created for us to do."
I think Tracy said that
So, Chuck pushed (encouraged) me to start
working on my art as my new job when I'm able.
It's good.  Opening an Esty shop is good.
I sold my first piece!  So exciting! Thanks
Terry and Donna!!!

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