a real post

I haven't really written a "real post" in a while. Work really zaps me right now because of the heat.
Sunday before last we had a nice surprise when Tricia and Brewier stopped by for a visit. It was weird because I had a feeling they might.
We keep rearranging the living room since Mom and Dad gave us the early Christmas present. We went to Ikea Saturday to get a new stand for it. I really enjoy going to Ikea but Chuck not so much. He likes the stuff it's just overload for him.
So I think we've finally finished rearranging for now and actually got some pictures hung up. I think the pictures in the photo below look crooked on the wall but their not it's just the lighting and shadows. I still want to add more pictures.

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Tricia said...

We'll have to stop by and surprise you again and check out your new arrangement.