FYI - I posted the picture of myself because I was contacted about the possibility of being in a breast cancer survivor calendar.  They needed a head shot, of which I had none, so Chuck set up
a place to take a photo, told me to put on lots of makeup, wear something simple, then he took photos.
He did a great job.  He did take photography in college, forever ago but he is really good at composition and lighting.  I do not like having photos taken of myself, yuck!
Anyway, back to the calendar.  They were asking for survivors so I may not fit because I'm not a survivor - I'm surviving.  I will always have this.  The goal is to keep me as well as possible.  They can't cure it.
I found something online recently talking about how when you have Stage IV that's metastasized they seem more laid back in your treatment.  Someone who has stage I, that is confined to the breast, will have a much more aggressive treatment with chemo usually and other things I won't have to go through hopefully because they're trying to cure it before it gets to where I am.  Once you get to where I am the goal is to keep it under control.
Anyway I'll let you know if I'm going to be in the calendar or not. (Not sure I really want to be.)

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