Great Day

Yesterday was such a good day.
Have you ever learned to live "in the moment"?
I couldn't plan beyond what I was doing - it was an awesome experience.
I drove the "young at heart" to the old pottery warehouse, or whatever the store is called, and to a restaurant for lunch. Point is I got to drive the new church bus - really nice bus!! Why do I enjoy driving buses? I don't know but the company was good, the bus handled like a dream, and it was just an all around fun time. The seniors made me feel super, hugging me and telling me how much they appreciated me driving them. They are so sweet. Even work afterwards was more bearable.
Today I went shopping at Good Will - that's right - Good Will. I got a "new" Dockers jean shirt for 3$ - darn nice shirt. I got 4 coffee mugs that I'd been looking for but wouldn't buy, 'cause I thought they cost too much,
.99 cents each - what a steal! I never thought about shopping there before but they actually had some decent stuff and I will return! I suggest giving it a try.

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