Jesse's dog Milly.  She was a rescue dog.  When Jesse
first saw her in her crate she didn't even know she was white.
She was so dirty.  Poor Milly has so many allergies but
Jesse took care of her and got her healthy again and she is a
beautiful intelligent dog.  She is a little klutzy though.  She
loves Jesse and is extremely loyal.  I don't believe anyone
could touch Jesse with her around.  She also loves Jason
and when we went to his graduation from his school for the army
we brought her.  I've never seen a dog so happy to see someone.
 she loves to swim and does belly flops

Today I was walking up the driveway
and this little pug came running up to me.
She was so cute.  I called Corey to come
get her.  She called the vet on her tags and
the owner came and got her.  It was fun getting to meet her.
 Look at that face!

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