We celebrated Easter Sunday and Chuck's birthday together this year at our house.  It was a nice day but I've gotten really bad about not
taking pictures.  These are the few that were in focus.  I have more with other family members but they're so blurry I won't put them on here.

Corey and Minion who loves his Mommy so very much.

Monday after Easter - blue jays building a nest

He kept watching me getting closer and closer

My favorite

Yesterday was a good day working with two other friends one a writer the other a writer/artist.  It's always good to get together and work on things like websites and editing/critiquing work.  It helps to inspire, learn and improve.  It counts as work too.  We helped Debbie set up her new blog you can visit her here: The Poet on Blueberry Street
It looks really nice!  She did a great job!
It made me wonder should I start a new blog or just update this one for now.  I decided to just update this one after seeing how much work and time it took yesterday for her to get hers going. I also made goals to write more often on my blog.  We shall see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity Vickie! I am going to direct my readers (I have so many) to your site too!