I wanted to go to an art show today but things don't always
turn out like you plan.  My big toe started hurting Monday
and by Tuesday I realized it was infected.  Went to the Dr. Thursday
and he removed the nail.  It didn't hurt till the shot wore off
and then ouch.  I've had to keep it up the last couple of days.
My whole foot is swollen.  Luckily I had to go to my oncologist
the same day I went to the foot doctor and she put me on
an antibiotic.  I don't know why the other doctor did not.
I don't think he understood I have active cancer and 
my immune system is not what it should be.
I found out my oncologist is retiring next month.  When
she told me I started crying and we hugged and I couldn't stop
crying.  She told me not to give up.  I wish she weren't retiring.
I'm so upset about that.  When I was making my next appointment
with Tran, her assistant, she told me at least
 I was lucky enough to find out in person.
She said she was going to have to tell a lot of her patients over 
the phone and was not looking forward to it.  I don't know if
they are as attached to her as I am but I'm sure they won't be happy.
She is the best - Dr. Lukman, again things don't always turn out
like you plan.

I caught him in the action of jumping.  He likes to  jump all over the yard.

Oliver, Jesse and Jason's dog #4

Minion, Corey's dog that loves her sooooo very much!

the female cardinal loves the birdbath

A new bird, gray catbird

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