Dog days, beach days and anniversary.

Today is our 34th anniversary.  Can't believe it's been
34 years.  We went to the beach yesterday and going out
to eat today.  God put us together and has 
kept us together and I'm very grateful for that!
Happy Anniversary Chuck!

This past week
Millie had a vet appointment on this side of town.

She jumps up and onto lizards - it's so funny

Feet at the beach.  I'm hiding the fact that my toe got
infected and they took the toenail off, yuck! but it's finally
not hurting much any more.
 I remember the 2nd time Chuck and I went out he wore 
sandals.  I had never gone out with a guy who wore sandals.
I thought he had really nice feet for a guy.  

 I've seen a lot of paddle boards being used like surf 
boards - looks like fun.

 until they fall.  I don't need any more broken bones

 love when the sun sparkles on the sand and water

I didn't realize till I was editing photos that I caught
a dolphin in this one.  It looks like the guy on the 
paddle board is taking a pic with his phone.

I just don't think these photos catch how tiny this guy was.
He looked maybe 5.  He knew what he was doing too!

That's him in the water sitting on the board.
 He caught a wave and rode it all the way in
without falling, amazing!

 Caught him making a dive
 clouds rolling in

caught another diving

It was really crowded yesterday

This lady, taking a selfie of herself riding a bike,
was funny to watch.  She kept trying and swerving
and almost running into stuff and people.

Instead of staying at the beach this year for our
anniversary we went for the day.  It was a perfect day even
though it was crowded.  I did see something large - very close to shore
jump out of the water and spin over two times.  It was
probably a sting ray but maybe a dolphin.  It happened
so fast and when I wasn't holding my camera.  Every time
i put my camera down something happens.  I never saw anything
like that before but I refused to go in the water again after seeing
it.  It was so close to people when it happened.  I love going
to the beach and in the water - but always afraid of what's in it.

I tried to catch the picture of this little girl carrying this.
She was so cute and I think tired of carrying it and 
just kind of laid down in it exhausted.

 I can't wait to use my Mother's Day gift 
from Corey and Jesse.  We're going to a tea room. You'll 
definitely see pictures from that.
This is another gift from Jesse an essential diffuser.
It's very relaxing and has essential oils with
smells I can be around and smell great.  

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Love your down to earth, real narration!