Mt Dora, Quick draw event

 Saturday we went to Mt. Dora to the 
Art Center to do the quick paint event.
We being - Chuck, Me, Tracy.  Later Mom and Stuart
came in time for the break and judging.
This was the still life they set up for us to paint.
I will say the lighting wasn't very good.

Tracy getting ready.

              My painting space
                                                               Our finished work

We painted from 10 - 12 then we 
walked around Mt. Dora until 1.

At 1:00 we came back for the judging.  We didn't win anything but 
we enjoyed getting out and painting with other
people.  It was fun to see all the different styles, 
colors, and compositions that everyone did.  I also
saw what kind of easels are out there for plein air painting.
The good thing - this experience inspired me to really start painting again.

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