missing Dad

Father’s Day this year was really different.  Our girls were both in Colorado and it’s the first time both were absent. 

My Dad died two years ago so there wasn’t our normal yearly family get together.

 Chuck and I went to the beach in the morning and when we got home I didn’t feel very good and was extremely tired.  I had to sleep. 

Later in the evening when I was using the computer I saw this photo and really looked at it.  I could almost remember when it was taken.  I leaned on my Daddy, with my cheek resting on his face.  Remembering, I could almost smell him and feel his hair touching me.  I know it’s hard to see it in the picture but my eyes are closed and I remember thinking how very much I loved him, at that moment, and what a big, tall, strong, handsome, Daddy I thought he was. 

Tuesday, after visiting with friends, I stopped at the cemetery.  I had planned to go on father’s day but after the beach and not feeling well I just didn’t make it.  It was my first time to go by myself.  I got so emotional and the feelings of missing him were so very strong and painful.   On the computer at night, I saw this picture again and all the memories came flooding back again.

If your Dad’s still here, enjoy any time you have with him.  Have no regrets when his time to go home comes.  Make good memories.  Let him know how much you love him.  I know my Dad knows but to be able to hug him and tell him in person - I really – really - miss him.

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Tricia said...

What a sweet expression on your face; I can see every emotion you described, there.