The other day the dogs kept getting upset and barking.
I went to the door and saw an AT&T truck sitting out front
and thought that was why.  But then I heard this weird scraping noise
and thought the guys from the truck were doing something around
the front door.  I looked to see what they could be doing and found this guy
trapped between the window and the chair trying to get out.
 I scared him he scared me and I left him
alone because of it.  When I checked about an hour
later he was gone.

 When I went outside to photograph the turtle
I saw this flower blooming and thought it looked as pretty
from the back as it did from the front
 especially the way the light came through it.
 And I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Chuck online, Tuesday.
He doesn't care.  I said it in person and that's what he prefers.
 Some of the family came over Sunday to celebrate
with us as a surprise.  Trish put his gift in a girly bag, cute.

Chuck, his Mom and Frank and Renny.  Renny
really likes Frank.

Corey and James and Mini-onion

Chuck saw a painting of a beagle he liked in an antique store.
So I painted one of his beagle for his birthday.
He named her L.C. when we got her because she 
had papers and it was fancy for Lady of Charles.
But we never filed the papers and when she goes to the
vet she's just Elsie.  She's become an old lady, poor baby.
I can't remember if she's 11 or 12.

 I spent all of last week sanding, and painting part of the
kitchen.  We decided to wait to finish it because I'm still 
not sure I like the color.  I wanted gray and on a small door
it looked just right but on all of these doors it's got a 
cooler blue base look.  I am a warm color person.  I
just don't know if I can warm up to this color.

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