trip photos

More photos from my trip to Colorado and New Mexico.
Going through different states.

The bridge
going from Memphis TN to West Memphis Arkansas

Finn getting his exercise at one of the many rest stops.

Jesse's kitchen.

More Garden of the Gods

On Saturday Jason took us to Manitou Springs.
It is a town full of characters.  It was a mumbo, jumbo, gumbo
cookoff and Mardi Gras parade. Pay 1$ and get two tastes from different cooks, or pay
more and get more.  After tasting you're supposed to vote for your
favorite.  It was fun and crowded.  The town was very interesting
especially the older buildings and how they built up the sides
of the mountains.  

Lots of art galleries all through the town.

The stream or river that ran through the town also ran underneath
the buildings and houses.  I wonder what it's like to live over a river.

Indian Cliff Dwellers

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