On the road to Terry and Donna's

Amazing to me how many people think New Mexico is
in or part of Mexico - instead of the state between Texas and Arizona.


Narnian lamp post

Donna knew what I needed after a long trip from Florida
to Colorado and then a not so long trip from Colorado to
New Mexico.  So pretty, relaxing and delicious!

We had tea, scones and jams, chicken salad on apple slices,
fruit, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and molten lava chocolate cakes (probably
not the right name for the cakes), and I probably forgot something.
Everything was delicious!!

Walking, Terry and Donna have a really nice place to
walk.  Pretty views.

having fun with our shadows


This baby girl loves her "grand dalf"

I think she liked me a little too.

Such a cutie!!!!

Reading today:
Streams in the Desert:
Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob…I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp with many teeth.   Isaiah 41:14-15
God can take an individual or a nation, who has all the weakness of a worm and through the energizing work of His own Spirit, endow that person or nation with strength enough to make a profound mark upon the history of their time.
Almighty God can make us stronger than our circumstances and can turn each situation to our good.  He can take the darkest disappointment, break it open, and discover a precious jewel of grace inside.  When God gives us an iron will, we can cut through difficulties just as an iron plowshare cuts through the hardest soil.  Christ is building His kingdom with the broken things of earth.  People desire only the strong, successful victorious, and unbroken things in life to build their kingdoms, but God is the God of the unsuccessful—the God of those who have failed.  Heaven is being filled with earth’s broken lives and there is no “broken reed” that Christ cannot take and restore to a glorious place of blessing and beauty.  He can take a life crushed by pain or sorrow and make it a harp whose music will be total praise He can lift earth’s saddest failure up to heaven ‘s glory.  JR Miller

Jesus Calling:
Abundant life is not necessarily health and wealth; it is living in continual dependence on Me.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Lighten up and laugh with Me.  You have Me on your side, so what are you worried about?

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