The last car-toon

The last car-toon's actually a can am spyder or 3 wheeled
motorcycle that Chuck's mom's fiance Frank has always wanted.
I did one with Frank driving for him and Patsy driving for her.
I can't find the photo of him driving.  I may have forgotten to 
download it.

 What I'm reading now:  One Thousand Gifts
came in the mail yesterday.  I got it for free so it
was a gift!  I've really been looking forward to
reading it.
 I'm also reading: Jesus Calling, Streams in the Desert,
Madeleine L'engle-A Circle of Quiet, In a Pit with a Lion
on a Snowy Day, and the Bible.  I want to re-read the Hobbit
because we went to see it the other day and I didn't remember
anything in the movie except for the riddle scene with Gollom (sp?).
I was reading; The Vintage Farmwife the other day
and could totally relate to "drowning in notebooks, journals
and for me - sketchbooks."  Although I can always use more
of the latter.  And where was I going with this?  

Yesterday's list was more than I could do so some of it is
moved to today.  Unfortunately, I got a late start today so
some of today's will get moved to tomorrow.  But that's ok
as long as eventually things get done.  Thankfully, Chuck
is very understanding.  He actually thinks I need to rest more
and so today I'm listening to him. 

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