recuperating and early birthday fun

The last two days have been take it easy, watch tv and
movies, and just recuperate.  
This evening Chuck made
me an early birthday dinner but I didn't realize that's what
it was until I finished eating because I would have photographed
it.  He made me a delicious perfectly grilled steak, baked potato
and salad.  He even fixed my potato and salad and brought it
to me, so sweet.  
Then a couple hours later when I was
figuring out what my next painting was going to be he gave
me an early gift - a new easel, for in studio or plein air
painting.  I'm looking forward to trying it out this evening.
And it comes with a nice carrying case too!

Some photos from the day before surgery and this evening.

 My rose bush is blooming.  I can't believe I haven't killed it.
 Lizard watching me

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