Day after surgery

Yesterday was surgery.  I had been dreading it so much and was full of fear.  I don’t know why since it was supposed to be a minor surgery.  I think all of the paperwork you fill out can be part of the issue.  When you have to sign something that says, “may cause death” and all the other serious side effects it’s a little frightening.

Despite my fears everything went really well and I had the best nurses ever. 
Yesterday morning before going to the hospital I read from Jesus Calling:
STOP WORRYING!  And then Streams in the Desert:  Do not be afraid for I am with you.  Genesis 26:24
It’s amazing how what you’re reading can be so relevant to your situation.  I think it helped a lot.

Thankfully, it is all over and I’m doing well. Taking it easy.  My last nurse said, “no cooking, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, or dusting, for 6 weeks.”  Chuck’s response, “The house is going to be a mess!”
Thank you to everyone who prayed.  I really appreciate it and believe it is why everything went so very well!

Dragonfly on the bird feeder
 Two cardinals on the bird feeder.  Don't
know how they fit since the space is so small
and the feeder rocks back and forth when they
land on it.
 When Donna was visiting we walked to the lake
lot at Mom's house.  These were taken
on the way there and at the lake.  I can not believe I
didn't take any photos of her or with her.  I don't know
where my mind was.

 This was a toy boat that one of the neighbors 
was playing with.

Donna found this.  We both thought
it was very interesting.  I can't 
remember what plant it came from.

 The other morning this guy, or girl, was on our 
back gate.  I took this through the screen that's why
a little fuzzy.  He just looked at me while I took this.
Then he flew off.  He came back to the other side
of the house.  I tried to sneak up on him and get another 
picture but just ended up scaring both of us.

I think this was around 8:30 in the morning and you 
can already see the heat and steam coming off the wet
fence.  It's that hot in the morning.

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