New painting using new easel

I'm still trying to learn how to paint better.
I think I may have said this already, can't remember but 
I decided to do one painting weekly:  
one week a still life, 
one week a portrait,
one week a landscape, and
the fourth week whatever I feel like doing.
With surgery last week, I didn't get anything done.
I did set up a still life which I started yesterday.
So far I've only used these two brushes a 3/4 flat
and a 1/2 flat.  I also used the same limited palette of
red, yellow, blue, black, white and burnt sienna.
I haven't really been timing myself because I don't feel like it.
I stop painting when I get tired.

I really like the easel.  I like being able to 
hang my water from it and I can 
lay my palette on the brush holders.
Thanks Chuck!

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