I was really inspired going through the Creative Call with the group that I believe God put together.
I thought after we finished I would continue to feel inspired and would get a lot accomplished.  Instead, I did nothing for a bit and felt kind of lost.
So Monday I picked up the book and starting glancing through it.  I got to page 99,  “A place for us” exercise.  I imagined, not what I have in the past.  This was different, a room with large windows overlooking the ocean (Pacific ocean).  It reminded me of a place we saw on the Pacific Coast Hwy., a hotel on the cliffs with rooms suspended over the ocean.  It was absolutely gorgeous.
As I was standing there looking at the beautiful view I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned and it was Jesus.  He was standing there smiling at me and said excitedly,
“Let’s see what you’re working on.”  Wow, I thought.  He would really want to see what I was doing?  He would really want to spend this time with me?
It gave me a different perspective.  I know that’s what Creative Call was about; working in the Holy Spirit, us spending time with God, listening to what He wants to teach us, having a relationship with Him.  But, it being where He came to me saying,  “Let’s see what you’re working on” not, let’s see what you’ve finished or what you’re selling.  The fact that He was excited about what I was doing, not done, not condemning, He was happy to be there, made it real and humbling.
So I did this little watercolor experiment; not completely finished but don’t really know what else to do with it.

I added stars to this one, just because there are always
stars when I envision anything with God.

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