puppies, visitor, mother's day gifts and reading

We don't know what Finn was doing with his bum in the air but
he seemed very comfortable.

Minion wanted to match his mom in his choice
of footwear

an early morning visitor

Mother's day flowers from Jesse that she
actually grew.  Really pretty, she's got quite
a green thumb, unlike her mom.

Mother's day flowers from Corey.  So pretty!

Reading today:
Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

I don’t believe God causes us to be hurt, sick, or to suffer a loss.  But I do believe that God finds ways for us to use bad things for a good purpose. 
The Bible says suffering comes from Adam and Eve.  We all have sin because of them.  When Adam and Eve fled the Garden of Eden, they had fallen into sin and were banished from the supernatural world to the natural world.  Because of their sin, they and all their ancestors—including you and me—were separated from God’s kingdom.  So while we seek eternal life through God in heaven, we first have to go through a temporary life in the natural world to get there.  Still, while we are in the natural world, we should live with purpose so that God can bring the good out of even bad situations.
This is a difficult concept to master with logical thinking.  A positive attitude is helpful, but it takes more than that to deal with a major medical issue.  You need the love of your family and friends.  And Christians can draw upon the incredible power of the Holy Spirit that transforms us from the inside out.  As bad as your injury, illness, or disability may be, you can allow God to make something beautiful out of it.  Personally, I can’t make beauty out of pain and suffering, but in His mercy and power and greatness, God can.

This is how I feel about my situation.  I believe God has allowed a great deal of good to happen because of it.  

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