Story time;
Why I remembered this today I don’t know but thought I’d share.

Some of you know I drove a tractor trailer with my husband for a little while.  We were team drivers.  When we started, I was the day driver and he had the night shift but we ended up switching.  I preferred the night, how it was less crowded, cooler and quiet.  But I didn’t like how you couldn’t find a parking place at night and would always have to park really far from the bathrooms.  Which brings me to this story.

We were in LA.  I think it was actually the first time we were there.  We were at a company owned operating center which is fenced and locked and only drivers who worked for them were allowed to park and use the showers, restaurant, laundry and fueling station.  It was about 2:30 in the morning and I needed to go to the bathroom.  Chuck was exhausted from the drive and did not want to go with me.  I was very angry about this because of the time and having to walk to the facilities by myself.  In my anger I did not think about what I was doing.  We were trained to never walk between trailers in the dark, or alone, and to always go the most lighted route for safety.   I was muttering under my breath, walking in the dark between trailers and finally got onto the parking area that was flooded in light.  Walking toward the building I could see the fuel pumps and this Asian man dressed in red and green, rather bright.  He was stepping back and forth in place watching me, like he was waiting for me. 

When I got close enough he said, “You know you shouldn’t be walking between the
trailers in the dark like that.  I know the company’s picky about who can work for them but you just never know if someone might be a little crazy.  You need to stay out of the dark and stay in the light.  I care about you and I never want to see you get hurt.  Remember, stay out of the dark and stay in the light.” 
I was so shocked I just said ok and turned to walk up to the building.  I turned back around to say, “thank you”.  But, there was no one there.  And there was nowhere to go that I would not have seen him.  It was a large open area and in the second it took me to turn around it would have been impossible for him to have gone out of sight.   On my way back to the truck I made sure to stay in the light and anytime I had to be out at night after that I always remembered him and what he said. 

Someone asked once if I believe in angels….

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