One of the things I enjoy doing is art journaling.
I think I like making the backgrounds the most.
I've been reading a lot of different blogs, articles and
magazines about how to do it. Then I read something
about it should be "original" not a copy of someone else's
ideas. I started getting frustrated because I was
doing so much reading about what everyone else
does and realized I needed to stop so I could come up
with some ideas of my own. I was a little frustrated
but decided to look at some of the things I've done in
the past. These aren't in a journal but they are
a type of journaling and original and the way I need to
start thinking again.
As a kid I always thought it would be neat to be
a mermaid.
This was made a little while after my Uncle Bud died.
When I saw the picture of the two boys it just made
me think of my dad and his brother and how that was
something they would have done together as kids. I liked
the first definition of Bud = brother. The butterfly
represents to me new life which I believe he has now.
and thanks to my friend Tricia because I went to her
house on two different occasions to create together.
Sometimes being somewhere different and with someone else
who's creative can help unblock your mind.
Now I need to get to work!

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