Last Week

Last week my brother and some of his family
came to Florida for a visit. Last Sunday we
all got together at Mom and Dad's and they
prayed for healing for my Dad and myself.
It was such a blessing. I forgot my camera so
I didn't get any pictures of Terry and the boys
so I'll have to borrow some from my Mom later.
Monday I went to visit them at Mom's again and
still forgot my camera, poo. Tuesday, Tracy
came over and I wanted to get outside so we went
for a walk in the woods and I remembered my camera.
The thing I forgot was I had to walk back and
went too far and was really tired but still made it back.

Thursday, Donna, Corey, Jesse and I went to
a tea room in Mt. Dora. It was pretty and a very nice time

Renny really loved Donna. I told her
he poses for pictures and look what he did.

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