Have you heard of the show the Great Food 
Truck Race?  I like to watch it when they have a
new one.  I think it's something I would have liked
to do when I was younger (in better shape).  It's 
hard for me to believe that great chefs work doing
this.  They must love what they're doing.
When I heard they were having 24 trucks at the 
Lowe's, here in town Sunday evening, I asked 
Chuck if he thought it would be interesting and he said
sure.  Jesse and Chris came over so they went too.
I could not believe how crowded it was.  People had tables and chairs
set up in the parking lot by their cars-I guess tailgating.
Again, I couldn't believe the crowds.
 two cuties

 they even had a gourmet mutt truck
 the healthy food truck didn't have a line
 the cupcake truck always had a line
 and very cutely decorated inside

 We took Dexter and Renny.  Dexter was shaking from
cold so I stuck him in my jacket.

 The Korean BBQ Taco box was there and extremely
crowded.  Chuck said we would visit them when we saw
them around town and not crowded.
 I wanted to try something I've never had, empanadas.
We got a greek one (Corey's favorite), 
BBQ chicken with I can't remember
what kind of cheese (my favorite), mac and cheese 
with basil and tomato, and banana and nutella.
I am not a fan of nutella but it was delicious.  We
got one of each brought them home and divded them 
between the 5 of us.  Oh and they had mexican coke, 
yum delicious-though I'm not really drinking coke.
Maybe that's why it was so good.
 Waiting in line for our empanadas

 Yummy cupcakes

and cute dog pictures

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