bye Christmas...

For a few years we've had a tradition of going out to
the Disney hotels to see the decorations the week after
Christmas.  I checked online to see how long they would
be up.  It said 'till the 7th.  On the 5th we drove out and guess
what?  They had taken them down the night before.
We decided to stay and take pictures anyway.
This is the Wilderness Lodge one of my favorites because
it reminds me of when we lived in Alaska-my favorite place
as a kid growing up.

Random insert of some of our home decorations
before taking them down on Sunday.  Usually I get
kind of down when putting the decorations away but
I left them up a week longer this year and was ready to say bye.

 Back at the Wilderness Lodge
 I love rocks
 and pretty babies

 Next stop Polynesian and Corey's favorite "Weyland"
 Riding the monorail to my other favorite, 
the Grande Floridian
 It's like a 1920's -30's pretty hotel

 Then I came home and made cake, not really.
The next day I baked a cake.  For some reason 
I'd been craving chocolate cake and I don't really like
it but this one was sooooo good.  I think it may be
because I did zero holiday baking this year.  Going 
through radiation kind of took that desire away.
 and Happy week after your birthday Tracy.
I made my first necklace.

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