The last few days.
Thursday Dr.'s all day.
Friday Dr.'s 1/2 day.
My family Dr. told me to get
this book and start eating this way.
Donna, my sister in law, sent me these
really wonderful books that I enjoy reading
every morning.
Jesse and little dog are staying here for a couple of
months to help me out with things.
Pretty flowers my friend Karen from work gave me.
More art journal pages. I figure the next couple of months
I'll be filling these up. My friend Tricia gave me these little
stickers that I put on random pages and when I get to them
they'll help me with ideas for things to write, or paint. This one
says "the art of life"
just some swirls
this makes me think of the ocean

and my personal favorite "live in the moment"
which I've been learning to do since this cancer
thing started. I actually put some flower petals
on the page - I hope they keep their color.

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