Happy Anniversary Chuck 29!!!

Create for the day: photos
A book given to me by a lady Chuck works with
she had breast cancer too. Yes, I do. I just found out
Thursday. I'm going to write between photos some of the
things she marked for me in the book that
I seriously needed to hear.
We went to the beach for our anniversary.
Before we started out we stopped at McDonalds for
breakfast. These guys were in line in front of us
picking up their breakfast.
When we arrived at the beach we saw dolphin jumping,
spinning when they jumped, and riding the waves.
I wish I'd been fast enough with my camera to catch
some of the action. The waves were awesome today.
I know not all prayers are answered, but many are,
so I continue to petition
You, for You are my hope
When I cry to You, I know you hear, just as I can hear my child
crying a block away. Thank You for Your promises and never-ending care.

The clouds were spectacular today too.
Tricia, this is the art deco condos I was talking about.
You have a plan and although
I don't know or understand it, I trust You.
Our umbrella took flight and Chuck ran after it.
It was a very nice day!

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