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I haven't posted in a while wow. I was sick for so long all I could do was work and come home and rest. Here's a few pictures till I have more time.
Chuck and I went to Disney to use my passes from when I worked there that expired on Dec. 17th. We had to go when I still wasn't feeling that great. We had park hopper passes so we went to Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios-MGM, and Epcot. Chuck hadn't been to the 1st two parks and I always wanted to see the Osbourne lights at the studios, awesome and fake snow, cool.
Christmas was at Stuart's this year, nice. Today is my first real day home since Christmas Eve. Saturday I went to IKEA with Corey and Sunday to the Disney hotels with Mom, Trish, and Jess, and Chris showed up later. Yesterday, movie, dinner and Target with Chuck. Sherlock Holmes - great!

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