Happy New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve I spent part of the day at the hospital with Dad and Jesse. Keep my dad in your prayers. He's got a blood clot in his leg and some
other blockages and has to have surgery.
I did come home and make a special dinner and my sister came over. We had a nice visit. She couldn't stay late cause she has to work tomorrow. So Chuck and I will have a nice quiet New Year's Eve just the two of us.
Corey and Jesse are hanging out together tonight with some of Jesse's friends hopefully having a fun time.
When we went to the Disney hotels the other day they gave us roasted chestnuts and hot cider. You can tell how Jesse feels about the roasted chestnuts. I didn't really like them either. I thought they would taste more like nuts and less like beans.
Hope everyone has a blessed, happy and safe New Year!!

I really like my 4$silver tree. Guess what I'm putting together??

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Tricia said...

i have no idea, but its from ikea.
love the tree.