being sick makes me weird

so I start seeing things.. like designs in the peeled celery.. weird
and I can't tell what picture is which because normally it shows the pictures instead of text but not today. So...some are celery designs.
Our Christmas trees this year a normal one and a 60's silver tree.
And pictures from the car show. Chuck's favorite was the corvette. The burgandy one I had to take a picture of for my friend Tricia because I could see her stepping out of it in a fur coat and 40's fashions. The challenger a Skip Foose design, awesome.


Tricia said...

you know me so well.

Chris said...

A buddy of mine works (/sort of owns) a corvette dealership/shop in Maitland, and he helped work on the corvette that was to the left of your last picture. Extremely ugly paint job, but still a pretty sweet looking car. Me and Rob went to the show, but we were probably only there for 30 minutes. I could have done without all of the new model cars, but then again I guess that's the main purpose of the show.