Yep.. it was long and hot. I had to be at the meeting at 7:00 and then go through
training for the 88 passenger (flat faced) bus. I thought there might be a chance
it would have air but no. I figured if I do 3 schools in the morning and the bus is
full that's 264 kids a.m. and p.m. Man, that's a lot of kids. I hope I can do this.
Tomorrow I drive my run with the bus I will be driving this year. Should be fun, it will be empty.

We went to see Corey at work Sunday. She looked so pretty...proud mom, definately.
She's got 3 departments fighting over her because she's such a good worker.
We also looked at cars, used of course, a miata and a camaro. Just looking...

I went to church last night to hear the college
kids talk about their South Dakota trip.
It sounded very interesting, difficult, a lot of work,
but very much a God thing. It made me think about
the Philadelphia trip we did a few years ago.
I miss the things we did but it's time to look
forward not backward, find where we belong now.

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