trying different things

Talking to fellow artist - Tracy this morning -
I realized I work best when I work on more than
one thing at a time.  When I get stuck on one thing,
unsure what to do next, I work on something else and
while I do - I figure out how or what to do to the other 
piece I'm working on.  I started this clay piece last week
and I had to take a break cause - not sure what to do 
next.  So I started 

this watercolor
 and this acrylic.  I got so 
many ideas from Colorado.  
Hope I remember everything
and am able to get them all done.

I read this morning from Jesus Calling
"I have chosen you less for your strengths
than for your weaknesses, which amplify your need
for Me.  Depend on Me more and more, and I 
will shower peace on all your paths.
After this weekend, hurting my back,
I feel weak.  I don't like feeling or being 
weak.  I never have.  I always thought I was strong,
mentally and physically but for the past 4 years, not
so much.  I will say it has put me into a position of
trusting God more.  I believe He has let me live much longer
than the Dr's. thought I would
 and allowed me to be able to do more 
than I thought I could with cancer.  

Cancer, never did I think I would get it.
Never.  I am grateful, grateful to be here and able to do
the things I can.  And I'm really grateful for everyone who has
helped me in one way or another.  So if you're one who has helped 
me in any way, I thank you.  It means the world to me. 

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