More Colorado pictures

Actually, these were all taken by Chuck on his camera. 
Ft. Carson - on base
 On the way to a real ghost town St. Elmo

 When we drove a truck I was always looking for buffalo which
I only saw in Florida, believe it or not, passing some sort of
wildlife refuge or park.  I got to see real buffalo in Colorado, cool.
We saw these after lunch which was a bison burger.

Pronghorn, these we saw a lot of when we were in the truck.

abandoned mine
 St. Elmo real ghost town

 If you have the right treat the chipmunks will climb
all over you.  So cute!

Stellars Jay beautiful bird

 This was in the little town we stopped for lunch

This was across the street from where we ate lunch

The cafe was where we ate lunch.  The waitress
said one of the couples at another table drove all
the way from Denver for the bison burger.  It was good
and so were the ginormous fries.  

Sitting in someone's yard in the two street town

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