foggy photos

I’m reading two books, rephrase more than 2 but these are at the top of my list right now. 
Fearless by Max Lucado and
Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle.
The latter is where I got my blog name from years ago.  I picked it up the other day and started reading.  It has a Foreward by Nichole Nordeman the Christian musician, singer.  She talks about having writer’s block and someone telling her to read Walking on Water and how it inspired her writing.  I picked it up not remembering any of that but being in the middle of artist’s block and not knowing what to do I thought it might help.  Nothing is by accident.  I will be starting a project today.
Fearless, Stuart let me borrow a while back.  At that time I read through it quickly and thought it was a nice little book that I really didn’t need.  When I picked it up and started reading today, it was different.  I’ve been dealing with more fears lately and now it seems a good fit.  I’m glad I didn’t give it back yet.

 Chuck woke me up and told me to look outside the other morning.  He knows
I like the fog, especially for photographs.  I wasn't too happy about it since I didn't
sleep well that night and was up every couple of hours.  Sometimes the only good sleep
I get is in the morning.  I don't know why.
But, since he woke me up I said lets go and this is where he brought
me.  The fog and cemetery - they go together well.  We didn't realize
how old this cemetery is.  There are some from the early 1800's.

sometimes, I feel like this...

this was a wild flower growing from
a vine in the tree

Corey's always said she wants this house.  It's been 
vacant for years.  The owner refuses to sell it to the church.

Chuck inspected this house years ago.  It used to be a 
church and it's very old.   There's a story that it's haunted.  He said in the attic
it was very creepy.  This photo doesn't show any of that
especially since they fixed it up.  I saw it before when he inspected
it and it used to be scary looking.  I wouldn't have
gone in the attic.

This house is at the end of the u shaped road facing the lake.
Chuck and I have always thought this would be a nice
place to live, though maybe a little scary.  I don't know
I'd have to go in and see what it's like.  Again, it's very old, on
Lake Charm Circle.

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Tricia said...

Those are great photos! I like the fog too.