What's for dinner?

I want to start another thing "What's for Dinner?" to help get inspired to cook and eat healthier.
Actually it's more to just get inspired to cook.  I haven't had much desire lately which is unusual for me.
I like to look up recipes and try new things but since Nov. - Oct. not much desire.  It's become more of a chore.  I guess I need to take pictures too but not this day.
Chuck got inspired, over the weekend, to make a stew.  We didn't have any roast beef so I used ground beef to give it some beefiness (word?).  We actually worked together on this which was nice.  We browned the beef, removed it from the pan, cooked the potatoes and onions to give them some color,
added carrots, celery (usually I don't like cooked celery but this was Chuck's idea), some flour for thickening, a can of peas, and a can of organic diced tomatoes.  Since we didn't have beef broth and I don't really like just adding water we added red wine about half a bottle, and let it cook for a while.
It actually was better the next day.  It got thicker and richer tasting.  Chuck having been a cook in the Navy usually makes a lot of something if he cooks.  We ate this for three days and still have a little left.
Tonight though, with the nice cold front that moved in, is chili with cornbread night.
Pictures next time.

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