Getting fancy

I was thinking about our trip to Sedona in 2012.
We stayed at a really nice place that had a delicious
breakfast.  The pancakes were ricotta, orange, and 
yummy.  I decided to try and make them this morning.
Yummy, delicious.   

 This was the breakfast room.
 They had a lot of original art for sale
throughout the community and dining areas.
It was one of those trips that I will never forget.
For the new year, trying to get organized, 
want to clean stuff out and get rid of unused
things.  Need to get inspired and set goals for
my artwork.  
Need to consciously work on keeping
the weight off my leg.  I keep forgetting about
the fracture because it
doesn't hurt much. Which is a blessing.
Not doing New Year's resolutions just
setting goals, praying about being in the
center of the will of God, and do what I can.

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