vlynnhud's Trip to New Mexico photoset
Having a problem downloading photos.  These are it for right now.  
I went to visit my brother and his family as a Christmas gift from them. 
It was a great visit.  We went to a tea room (gorgeous and delicious), a drive up the mountain,
a concert, church, Fuddruckers, we had a tea party and made treats for it, 
celebrated Christopher's birthday, went to town, Hobby Lobby, Pottery
Barn, and Panera Bread (tho the name is different out there and I can't remember it, played super uno, watched movies, visited neighbors with interesting homes, painted watercolors, went to Terry's work and flew the simulator, FANTASTIC time!!!
I wanted to get a photo of the tumbleweed snowman and
was not successful so my brother took one on his way to church Sunday.
He told me everything he did to get it - sounded like a lot of work - but Thank you!
The last day I was there he took Donna and I to work and let us fly the helicopter
simulator.  It was so realistic!  It took everything in me not to get sick and I actually 
was able to fly it for a bit before it became too much and I let Donna take over.
It was awesome. Wish it didn't make me feel ill.  
I came home feeling very inspired and very blessed!!
Thank you all so much!

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