Sailing along in life....

This is a really good story that will make you thankful for the life you have.

I'm reading a book (a second time) called
The Circle Maker
Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears
by Mark Batterson
It is a very inspiring read.
Today what left an imprint is:
Drawing prayer circles starts with identifying your Jericho.  You've got to define the promises God wants you to stake claim to, the miracles God wants you to believe for, and the dreams God wants you to pursue.  Then you need to keep circling until God gives you what He wants and He wills.  That's the goal.  Now here's the problem:
Most of us don't get what we want simply because we don't know what we want.
We've never circled any of God's promises.  We've never written down a list of life goals.  We've never defined success for ourselves.  And our dreams are as nebulous as cumulous clouds.  Instead of drawing circles we draw blanks.

A lot of people struggle with what God wants and God wills.  I know I have - but I think I'm at a place
where He's making sure I take the time to find out.  Another struggle for me is I had goals while my kids were young but I didn't really plan beyond that.  I've kind of fallen into things, driving a school bus, driving a tractor trailer, now not being able to work because of cancer but I think I can still have goals, dreams.  They just need to be lining up with God's will.  So here I am and here I begin......

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susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Good Morning, Vickie! I see that you are reading Circle Maker. I learned about that book at the She Speaks conference a couple of weeks ago, and it is in my to-read pile now. A few friends and I are going to do the study together. Glad you are enjoying it!