When we visited Terry and Donna and the boys (men), 
they showed us some of what they've been doing.
The video Busted was made by Christopher, David,
and Brian.  They all acted in it.  I don't know who filmed it and
Christopher did the computer graphics.  They call him doing the
graphics CGI, I think.  He did an awesome job.  I thought
the blood spatter was those exploding bags of red-whatever they use-
but it was computer graphics.  When I saw the glass break, I thought,
I can't believe Terry let them break a window in the van.  I thought
maybe it had something wrong with it and that's why he let them break
it - but again Christopher's computer graphics, and again I am amazed.

David showed us the sets he's been working on for a movie he's filming.
I think what he makes is art, sculptures and a super talent.  I was blown
away by all the talent at Terry's house.

I did some photo shop touch ups to the photo below
so it would look more like a scene from David's movie.


 Very resourceful how he made this track for smoother
and on the level photography.

 These creatures he makes are really
creative and artistic.  The things he uses
to make them-I don't know how he 
thinks and does it, again amazing.

 When we were in the truck we stopped and visited 
Terry and Donna for an afternoon.  I took pictures of 
the house but forgot to take them of my favorite room,
her kitchen.  I made sure I got some photos this time.
 Donna's an artist in the kitchen.  She made delicious
meals but I have to admit my favorite was the molten
lava chocolate cakes, yum!!
pretty kitchen

Eric had just gotten home from the hospital.
 Terry, Christopher and Eric.
(thank you for letting me take your pic Christopher)
 Terry David and Eric
 and David and Eric

Thank you all for letting us stay with you!  We
really enjoyed our visit!  I'll be posting more pictures
with you when I find them!  Love you guys and girl!!!

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