I realized I haven't posted anything in a while.
How do you celebrate a dog's birthday?  I honestly
never have before but Corey wanted to celebrate Minion's.
He's been with her through some pretty tough stuff
and he makes her happy so.......
She got him a kiddy pool which he actually went in
 of course not voluntarily the first time
 Then she had to share the experience with the other dogs
 and Elsie, who did not go back in again

 After the pool party they all got a doggy cupcake
 which made them all very happy
 We've made a few changes in our bedroom.
We had these sheer curtains and blinds for 13 years.
Time to go!  I do not like little blinds that collect dust!
 The painting on the left is one I did in college 
of Chuck and Corey when she was a baby

We have to do stuff really slow now.
Chuck painted this wall, where the headboard is
 and we got new curtain rods and curtains and 
I hung this group of photos 
he took at the lighthouse in St. Augustine.
The duvet cover I got on sale at Kohls. 
Originally it was 298.00 on sale for 19.99, woo hoo,
love when I find a good bargain!  Now I want to make 
a new headboard, get the rest of the room painted, and hang
more photos and get a new light, fan fixture eventually. 

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