Strides for Breast Cancer at Lake Eola yesterday.
Sorry pics are not in order as you can see by the 3 mile
marker being 1st. It rained the whole time and at the end
actually got cold and windy. I stayed pretty dry in the wheelchair.
These are people from Jesse's work, Sara, her husband, Megan,
Chris' mom Barbara, me sitting, Jesses' forever friend Amy, and
Jesse the organizer and worker for the event. Proud of you baby!!
And of course, Chuck the official photographer and wheelchair pusher.
I know he was tired after 3 1/2 miles! Thank you!!
Cute baby
Chris' mom asking why Jesse always makes faces or hides.
Pretty much have to sneak up on her to get a good one.

Streets closed, kind of fun getting to walk down the middle, or ride.

off road-ing
making a small detour to check out the new Fiats

see, really out of order, the start. Or I could say I took this at the finish
foggy and rainy the whole time but easy for
me since I rode the entire trip

From Chuck's office - Kathy, Marthly and her family. Super
sweet ladies!!
The "Rack Pack"
Megan, Sara and her husband (sorry forgot his name),
Amy, Jesse, and me sitting.

And in other news...our house was attacked by a giant spider

So we called "Super Girl" to save us!
What a cutie!!
Thank you Super Girl!!

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