lots of things I've forgotten or haven't posted

He wants to be with the other dogs so he sleeps by their crates.
He's smart too.
Went to an art show with Megan, Corey, Jill and Oliver.

The show was rained out and we only saw about 10 artists left.
Liked Jill's shirt.
Having breakfast at a vegan place.
Miss Jill
fake meat, yum it was good

tofu eggs
Megan and Oliver

Corey and I went on another trip to
Park Avenue.
Minion in the forest.

Alfred in control
Minion getting a trim
Stuart and Trish's birthday
An art show with Chuck. He likes photography too.

Corey's crackle nail polish

Minion's halloween costume

Reminds me of Brain, from Pinky and the Brain

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Jillian said...

Great pictures!! :)