Some reasons I haven't been blogging much;
Monday I went to the Dr. and then to work
to get some paperwork done. Tuesday Karen
drove me to inservice which I greatly
appreciated and I went to the Dr.
Wednesday, again Dr., and Corey and John
came down to visit.
Corey and her new puppy Minion.

John and Renny

John and Elsie, Corey and Minion, Jill and Renny
Thursday after the Dr. Corey and I stopped at Tricia's and
played with watercolors.
Corey showing off her tattoo
Cutie Oliver

Oliver and Tricia
Oliver, Mommy and Corey
Megan doing one of the many things she's great at.
Corey and her puppy. This is where he likes to ride in the car.
He's so cute
After we went to the Dr. Friday we stopped at my friend's
Greg and Shoko's. I had to show them Corey's puppy Minion.
They have 2 pomeranians and I knew they would like Minion.
It was really good to see them. I wish I'd had my camera. Their
backyard is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a Japanese garden and
their grandson Kellen was there. He's such a cute sweet little boy.
It's been a busy week.

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Anice said... - They have the coolest kids hats !!