I painted a t-shirt for Jesse because she
said she had a dream that someone was
wearing this. I thought it would be funny.
I hung it up in her room for her to find and
when she did I heard, "AHHHH now my
nightmares are coming true!" I was surprised
and asked what she meant. She told me the dream
was a nightmare with an old creepy man
wearing the t-shirt and he had a marine corp tattoo
on his arm. He kept following her around creeping
her out. I think that makes the t-shirt more funny.
I guess I'm a bad mom?
I'm getting tired of all my art supplies being
awfully unorganized and am making it a goal to
get them organized this week. I want things
I use the most to be within reach
I've finished the top shelf, 4 more to go.
I moved things around and moved out the
other desk and given myself a painting area.
Dexter's a funny little dog.

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