Yesterday Chuck and Jesse took me out to Olive Garden for
lunch for my birthday, very nice. Jesse took me took me to Kohl's after
where I got a shirt and coffee. I didn't know they had coffee but
they had the flavor we both like, blueberry. I know that sounds
weird but you have to try it. I also found these placemats on sale.
They were the perfect color that matches my wall. I had a fun
day but have to rest today kind of went a little overboard.
Thank you Jesse for all the fun I had a very nice day, thanks baby!!
Flowers from Jesse.
I got a surprise last night while eating dinner.
The doorbell rang and more flowers from Corey and John.
Pretty, pretty and sooo very sweet!!! I really like this color.
and for some reason this color
from Corey and John

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Corey said...

lol I wonder why they sent you a balloon with sports balls on it?