Today Chuck and I went here.
Where I was a participating artist and he made me wear it.
We checked out my sketchbook. I wanted to see if
it made it in one piece which it had, yay!
Chuck looking at my sketchbook.

Some of the other viewers.
sketchbook. She filled up the whole book with oil
pastels - really pretty. I wish I'd thought to take a picture
of it. You can see some of it here. She was so cute!
I wish I hadn't closed my eyes.

I also saw Thomas Thorspecken and went up and introduced
myself, well sort of. I went up and asked if he was Thorspecken and
told him I was a friend of Megan's. I was actually a little nervous and
I don't think I told him my name. Ahh, anyway at least I went up and
talked to him something I wouldn't have done a couple of months ago.
Since being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer I feel like why not do
things that I wouldn't have before? It's given me a sort of freedom and
some things I feared before seem extremely trivial.
. It was a really neat experience today. You should go if you get the chance.

Full Sail University (Full Sail Live auditorium)

3300 University Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32792
July 29-31, 2011 12:00pm-5:00pm each day

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Jessica said...

That's really neat! Good for you doing things out of the norm - it is a bit liberating, isn't it? :)