Corey and I went to the Great Day in the Country in Oviedo. One of the most interesting things was the pony! and the little owl and the opossum. I did see 3 booths that interested me 1.altered art jewelry ornaments with clay figures inside that made you say how'd she get those in there, you know like ships in bottles and 3.a man who did funny 3D collages. And that was about it. Too many commercial booths spread throughout the show. But the weather was awesome and the company.

interesting, a "Hannah Banana" tshirt getting donations for cystic fibrosis. If you know me you know that my friends daughter died after a lung transplant-infection. Her name was Hannah.

little dog that makes me happy

random tree but I liked it

shoes I really like with zipper bow but will never buy, where would I wear them to?

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Corey said...

wear them everywhere!!