more memories

The last couple of visits to my Mom's house
we've gone through old photos.  This is a photo
of me in 11th grade.  I wish I'd left my hair like this.
It wasn't any work and I think it was pretty.

Then I decided to get it cut and permed and
tried to go with the style back then.

I think I was younger in this photo, probably right after
we moved to Florida, the middle of 10th grade.  Not a fun year.

This is me with my favorite aunt, Aunt Peachie.
She was my dad's sister.  She had a lot of different
cancers too.  I'd forgotten about that.

This is my oldest brother.  He is a year
and 4 days younger than me.  He was quite the cowboy.
We lived in Texas when this was taken.

I've been going through the book The Artist's Way.
Corey told me it would bring up a lot of stuff from my
past.  She wasn't kidding.  I've remembered things I'd 
completely forgotten.  A big thing was how devastated I 
was when we left Alaska.  I loved it there and moving 
back to the lower 48 was not fun to me.  It also made
me remember teachers who were really good and 
teachers who were really awful.  Thankfully, the good
outweighed the bad and I got a lot of encouragement
when it comes to my art.  My Mom told me my third grade
teacher thought I was way beyond my grade level and
there wasn't anything she could teach me.  I don't remember that
at all.  I do remember the pet mouse we had in the class and how
much I liked it.  I liked getting to take it home over the weekend
and taking care of it.  I remember trying out for basketball that year 
and totally stinking at it and not making it.  It was only third grade so
no big life altering issue there.
I did race the fastest girl in school on the ice skating rink.
The problem was she had speed skates and I had figure skates.
You can guess who won.  
Enough memories for now.

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